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Fluffybubs Dreams Night Nappy

The perfect nappy for a perfect and dry nights sleep.

Dreams night nappies are an All in Two (AI2)/pocket nappy, made from imported Windpro fleece outers. It’s hard to believe, but this fleece is both breathable and waterproof so there is no need for PUL. All nappies have quality and soft microfleece or microchamois inners. Microfleece and microchamois draws the moisture through the fabric leaving your baby feeling dry.
The outer has 2 rows of adjustable snaps so you can adjust the thigh and waist settings differently.
There is also a panel of Windpro on the inside of the nappy to help prevent wicking should a singlet be accidently tucked in there.
The booster system consists of three parts, all made with absorbent 85% bamboo/15% organic cotton fleece.
1. 3 layer ‘flip out’ snap in hourglass shaped booster, topped with matching microfleece which splits into 2 for fast drying. This booster snaps onto the pocket of the nappy, the ‘snap flap’.
2. Smaller 3 layer booster that snaps into the ‘flip out’ booster.
3. Double layered trifold insert for the pocket (or fold it into 4 and lay it under the ‘flip out’ booster if you prefer.
Together, this gives you 12-14 layers of absorbent material without the bulk. It’s customisable so you can add or take away absorbency according to your baby’s needs. The Fluffy Bubs Dreams nappy has been tested to last at least 14 hours. It would probably last longer, but to borrow a good friend’s phrase, why would you ;)?

Fluffy Bubs Dreamy Nights Nappy
Not just a night nappy....
Best of all, the Fluffy Bubs Dreams nappy is not just for nights. If you’re one that prefers to have something completely breathable against your baby’s skin 24/7 rather than wearing nappies with PUL, the Fluffy Dreams nappy is perfect and value for money. As a day nappy, you effectively have ONE nappy with TWO sets of boosters/inserts.
Pocket – Use the nappy as a pocket with the trifold insert. Tuck the ‘snap flap’ into the pocket so the snaps are hidden.
AI2 – The outer part of the nappy dries so quickly without a dryer, even in cool environments. So while your trifold insert might still be drying, use the nappy as an AI2 with the snap in booster sets.
Use the nappy as a pocket as described above. If the nappy has not been soiled, remove the insert, reuse the outer and snap in the boosters to use as an AI2.
Too easy! One nappy, many possibilities. You could make up your entire stash with Fluffy Bubs Dreams nappies without needing to distinguish between day and night nappies.

Measurement Small Medium Large
Weight 4.5-9kg 8-13kg 10kg+
Rise 39cm 45cm 50cm
Waist 26-42cm 32-65cm 40-70cm
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